Heiko Schmidt

Project  director
Project manager management systems, waste projects, ESA; customer acquisition; DQS lead auditor

Telefon: +49 (3445) 7098-15


Svoboda Schmidt

Technical director
Project management; Legal compliance; Quality manager; DQS lead auditor

Telefon: +49 (3445) 7098-17


Susan Jungnickel

Admin & Finance Assistant
general admin tasks, correspondence,  enquiries, invoices

Telefon: +49 (3445) 7098-10


Doychin Todorov

Senior Project Consultant
expert for water, soil, AA and hazardous waste

Telefon: +359 (88) 2703523


Dr. Evelina Razhdavichka

Senior Project Consultant
International projects (ESIA, transboundary shipment of hazardous waste)

Telefon: +49 (162) 6951221


Christan Schmidt

Schmidt - Umwelttechnik
Sampling of groundwater, soil and other matrices

Telefon: +49 (174) 3453440


Joshua N. Holland

Junior Project Consultant
International projects