Working meeting with Milo Đukanović, President of Montenegro

On 19 March 2019 a meeting between selected members of the German Eastern Business Association was held in Berlin with Montenegrin President Milo Đukanović. The topic of the meeting was economic issues. We took the opportunity to speak with President Đukanović about current and future projects, especially Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for larger investment projects. President Đukanović confirmed the country's strategy for developing renewable energy, especially wind, hydro and solar. Future administrative reforms can be expected to improve renewable energy usage.


Bulgarian Economic Forum, IHK Potsdam, 11.12.2018

At the end of 2018 the leading Bulgarian event of the IHK took place in Potsdam.
As part of the Economic Forum, Heiko Schmidt, Director of INNO-CON, reported on 15 years of experience in implementing environmental projects, such as IPPC permittling procedures, technical studies and environmental measurements in Bulgaria, mainly for international clients.
INNO-CON, together with their technology partner, meta Messtechnische Systeme, was also present as an exhibitor. Both companies presented their experience and expertise in environmental tasks.


6th Environmental Manager Day Southeast Europe, Sofia
A VNU event targeting environmental experts from industry and representatives from environmental agencies

date: 11th october 2018
location: Sofia, Grad Hotel Sofia

The Bulgarian section of the VNU hosted the 6th Environmental Manager Day SOUTHEAST EUROPE on 11 Oct 2018 in Sofia. Under the motto "Designed by professionals for professionals" the event offered an opportunity for environmental experts from industry and administration to exchange their experiences. The first lecture, given by Gernot Lorenz (Austrian BMNT), was a thorough look at current legal aspects surrounding hazardous waste management within Austria and on the EU level. Subsequently, Ms Lina Patarchanova from the Bulgarian Ministry of the Environment discussed national legislation and practice. In the following lively discussion, practical industry examples from the viewpoint of professionals were discussed.
The afternoon panel was dedicated to current topics surrounding air quality. Ms. Svetlana Trifonova, Environmental Manager of Montupet EOOD, shared experiences from the comprehensive operational air monitoring program and the planned investments for emission reduction at the Ruse site. Subsequently, Ms. Vesela Todorova, Director of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the importance of French companies in Bulgaria and the role of the Chamber as a mediator between public authorities and companies. Subsequently, German expertise was introduced with a presentation by Rene Meye, Managing Director of meta Messtechnische Systeme GmbH, who gave a presentation on the trends in mobile measurement technology. The panel was rounded off with a presentation on quality management in field measurements by Joshua Holland and Doychin Todorov, from INNO-CON Innovation & Consulting Ltd.
The next Environmental Management Day of the VNU, Bulgarian section is scheduled for October 10, 2019 in Sofia.


INNO-CON looks back on 25 years of experience

INNO-CON looks back on 25 years of experience - on this anniversary, we look forward to an evening with long-term business partners and friends on 8th July at the Naumburg Marientor. The Bulgarian pop singer Toni Dimitrova will perform as part of the series of events ‘Nine Naumburg Nights’ (more at

At this point we would like to thank our customers, business partners as well as our current and past employees for the collegial and friendly working environment in interesting and challenging projects.


Bulgarian section of the VNU founded

On 21.03, Bulgarian environmental managers founded the regional section of the
Association for Sustainability and Environmental Management. Thanks to the engagement of the managing director of Liebherr Household Appliances, Gerhard Diewald, this first meeting in the factory in Radinovo (near Plovdiv) could take place. On this occasion, the company presented its own environmental projects, which go beyond the premises. For the participants from different, international companies, the exchange of experience between colleagues and the benefits associated with membership of the VNU were paramount. In the future, participants will have access to first hand information from European and international committees via the VNU, which will bring them numerous advantages for their business activities.

f.l.t.r.: Peter Mitkov (Liebherr), Doychin Todorov (Bella), Denislava Atanasova (Palfinger), Dora Yankova (Liebherr), Hristo Lazarov, Yordan Nedelchev (Liebherr), Hristian Hristov (Ecomax), Heiko Schmidt (VNU/INNO-CON), Dimitar Ovcharov


Visit of President Rumen Radev to Germany

Rumen Radey, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, made a one-day official visit to Germany on 6th February 2017. The head of state was accompanied by foreign minister Radi Naydenov and economics minister Teodor Sedlarski.
As part of the state visit, Rumen Radey was a guest of honour at the opening of the Economic Forum for Bulgaria, which  more than 100 German companies are part of. In his inaugural speech, the president gave an overview of the future trends for the economic and political development of Bulgaria and relationship with Germany. Germany is an important strategic, economic and investment orientated partner for Bulgaria, emphasised head of state Rumen Radey. Bulgaria remains a partner of great interest for the German economy.
The event took place in the House of German Economy in Berlin. Partners of the event were amongst others the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, the Association of German Industry and Chambers of Commerce, the German-Bulgarian Industry and Chambers of Commerce (DBIHK), as well as the German-Bulgarian Forum.

(From a DBIHK press release)




4. Environmental Manager Day Southeast Europe, 5th October 2016, Sofia

At the Environmental Manager Day Southeast Europe, environmental managers from the leading Bulgarian industrial companies discussed questions of environment management, waste management, and immission protection with three Ministry of Environment representatives and numerous representatives from regional environment agencies. For each of these topics, representatives of the Ministry of Environment, German speakers and Bulgarian practitioners were present. Many legal environmental details provided sufficient discussion material so that there was an exciting atmosphere right up until the event of the event.

The event was rated at 5,6 by the participants (the marks are switched here, meaning 6 is excellent and 5 very good)

In a meeting, nine participants expressed a desire for a Bulgarian section of the VNU. Those interested came from international as well as Bulgarian companies. As a long term board member, Heiko Schmidt explained the goals and operation of the VNU.

The preparation of this fourth Environmental Manager Day was again carried out by INNO-CON. The next EMD is planned for October 2017, as requested by participants and organisers.

Here the prensentation as download: N. Hristova (MoEW), Dr. Schink (DQS), L. Patarchanova (MoEW), INNO-CON, Ecomax, Dr. Deblitz (TRG), I. Angelov (MoEW), H. Lorentz (Lohmeyer), Kostov/Cholakova (AURUBIS)



Economic Forum North Rhine-Westphalia – Bulgaria

On the 12th February, the Bulgarian Minister of Economics, Bozhidar Lukarsky, attended the Economic forum Northrhine-Westfalia – Bulgaria in Düsseldorf, the largest event related to the business location Bulgaria in Germany in recent times. The event was organised with support from the German-Bulgarian-Forum, of which INNO-CON is a member.
Minister Loukarsky spoke in German to those present and to potential investors and promoted Bulgaria as a business location.
At the event, the CEO of INNO-CON discussed with Minister Loukarsky and the CEO of the BIA Stamen Yanev current questions related to legal aspects of investment projects for customers of INNO-CON in north and southeastern Bulgaria.
In an exchange of ideas with the mayor of Plovdiv, Ivan Totev, a future meeting was arranged to discuss the earlier twinning of Leipzig and Plovdiv.
The economic forum was considered to be useful and forward-looking by all participants.
NRW Economic Minister Garrelt Duin greets Bozhidar Lukarsky (MWEIMH NRW/Foto Roberto Pfeil) Around 80 guests attended the Economic Forum Northrhine-Westfalia – Bulgaria, among them CEO of INNO-CON, Heiko Schmidt

Important EIA report completed

INNO-CON is proud that the most recent environmental impact assessment report for a Bulgarian client’s investment project received the best rating awarded to date by Bulgarian government authorities for such a report.

The project leader, Svoboda Schmidt, who has significant experience in international environmental impact assessments, led her team of local and international experts to this achievement. It was important for the client that all documents were compiled bilingually at the highest professional level. This guaranteed perfect communication between contact persons and clients, experts and government representatives.


Open forum on civil society and economy in Bulgaria

On 18th March 2015, the open forum on The Bulgarian civil society today. The commitment to political reforms and economic progress took place at the Bulgarian embassy in Berlin. It was organised by the embassy and the German-Bulgarian Forum in cooperation with the DBIHK. The opening talks were held by the Bulgarian ambassador to Germany, H.E. Radi Naidenov, the Bulgarian deputy prime minister, Meglena Kuneva, and Dr. Gernot Erler, Member of the Bundestag, chairman of the German-Bulgarian Forum.

Moderated by Mitko Vassilev, the interaction between civil society and economy was discussed by Vladimir Kissiov, Dr. Ognian Donev and Heiko Schmidt (from left to right in the photo). Thanks to his many years of experience, Mr. Schmidt was the only German participant in the discussions.

Foto: Mitko Vassilev, DBIHK, Vladimir Kissiov, Dr. Ognian Donev, Chairman of the board of directors Sopharma AD and Heiko Schmidt, INNO-CON (von links)

EE Conference in partnership with ENEP, Sofia, 11.03.2015
"Energy Efficiency Networks helps to Reduce Energy Costs"

The author, Heiko Schmidt, presented the methods and financial results of a "Learning Energy Efficiency Network" after the lifespan of the network from 2012 until 2014. The fourteen members of the network were able to achieve a reduction of between 5 and 15 % p.a. of specific energy consumption.
For most companies the implementation of an Energy Management System, in accordance with ISO 50001, is an essential objective. It was shown how Learning Energy Efficiency Network helps to create a base for an Energy Management System.


30 Pilot Networks promoting energy efficiency

The 30 Pilot Networks, which involves around 360 companies, have reduced their specific energy needs by 10% in recent years. In total approximately EUR1bn has been saved in energy costs (Source: projects final brochure). How was this achieved? Across three scientifically supported phases carried out according to the LEEN-Methodology, the companies were able to identify economical energy efficiency measures. In addition, information and knowledge were shared with companies through regular exchange of experience and through technical lectures by experts so that the efficiency measures could be quickly and safely implemented.

Foto: Netzwerkdialog Ost mit den Netzwerkteilnehmern Andrea Koch, Mitteldeutsches Druck- und Verlagshaus, Waldemar Geuthner, AROPRINT Druck- und Verlagshaus GmbH, Heiko Schmidt, Energietechnischer Berater nach LEEN, INNO-CON (alle im Hintergrund), Quelle Foto: 30 Pilot Netzwerke

Milestone in major project successfully completed by URS

Environmental impact assessment for offshore gas line approved

A basic requirement for the implementation of the marine section of the South Stream Pipeline has been created by the approval of the report on environmental impact assessment by the Bulgarian environment department. INNO-CON contributed to this success by working for URS Infrastructure & Environment UK Limited for two years.

Foto: Nina Mirtcheva, SST, Svoboda Schmidt, INNO-CON und Milena Hristova, SST mit der Nichttechnischen Zusammenfassung des UVP-Berichtes nach den öffentlichen Anhörungen

Workshop ADR and cargo fastening during international carriage of goods by road

A workshop dedicated to the regulations concerning international carriage of dangerous goods and cargo fastening was held on 20.08.2013 in Sofia. Eng. Sybille Gunzenheimer, Safety Consultant on the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), gave a presentation in front of 30 participants about the current international regulations about dangerous goods. The latest amendments in the regulations require from all parties involved in the process to have excellent knowledge of the matter for correct application of the relevant transitional rules. Still, the main responsibility is of the consignor and the forwarder. Drivers should not be left to deal on their own with the multiple specific requirements. The best way to prevent accidents is the cooperation between all parties involved. The reliable fastening of goods is not a matter of money, but a matter of competence of all responsible parties taking part in the process. ARD 2013 determines for the first time a common European standard - EN 12195.

The presentation was supported by films showing examples of road inspections and practical solutions, which awoke the great interest of forwarders, government departments and shippers.



Waste Management and Recycling Conference and Exhibition 'SAVE the Planet!'

Date: 29-31 May 2013
Place: Inter Expo Center, Sofia

Waste disposals costs are a significant factor in each company. The author describes the possibilities of the waste generator to optimize the processes and to include waste management procedures in the environmental management system. EMAS and ISO 14001 give advices how to ensure the continual improvement in this. The Waste streams have to be regularly assessed regarding potential reutilization strategies, including also hazardous waste. The reference documents on best available techniques, issued by the European Commission, as an information exchange in accordance with the IPPC Directive (Directive 2008/1/EC) give all stakeholders a comprehensive support to find out the most suitable solutions for their company.

Invitation for the event can be found here .


4th Middle German Export Day

Date: 25th September 2012, 10.00 - 16.00
Place: Jena, Volksbad

During the 4th Middle German Export Day the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of CEFTA- member states shall present their economic areas, the chances for economic engagement, and the advantages for the German companies which use the Agreements with the CEFTA member states. INNO-CON shell present its working experience in the CEFTA member states.

Invitation for the event can be found here .


Topic: 3. Environmental Manager Day for the Balkan countries

Date: 19th October 2011, Registration 09:30 am / Beginning 10:30 am
Place: Sofia, Hotel Silverhouse

3. Environmental Manager Day South East Europe

Heiko Schmidt Heiko Schmidt

The lectures are available here:

lecture: N. Hristova , lecture: V. Moosmayer , lecture: M. Werner , lecture: Aurubis AG , lecture: H. Schmidt

Photos of the event can be found here .


2nd MITECO Forum, 18.-19. November 2008

INNO-CON was member of the organizational committee and participated with several presentations.