Hazardous Waste Management

Almost every category of waste has a value as a raw material.

We are a certified waste broker and provide firms with services for waste reutilization and transboundary shipment of waste.

Reutilization instead of disposal

Modern, highly specialized facilities within Central Europe have great possibility for the reutilization of a wide variety of hazardous wastes. Our engineers work together with these facilities and with waste producers especially within Eastern and South-eastern Europe to find suitable, secure and legally compliant reutilization methods for their wastes.

Waste reutilization instead of disposal has three-fold benefits on companies; saving resources and energy, creating a more sustainable brand, and reducing costs associated with disposal.

Our services in this sector include, but are not limited to:

  • sampling in accordance with the relevant technical standards (i.e., LAGA, DIN 19698)
  • waste declaration with analyses from accredited German laboratories;
  • identification of appropriate reutilization facilities
  • feasibility studies prior to recycling
  • compilation of the documents for the notification of transboundary shipment of hazardous waste for the competent authorities in all related countries (EU/non-EU).

We are always looking for new means for reducing CO2 emissions of our clients through finding efficient waste transport means, e.g. intermodal or train transport. We specialize in working with multinationals and providing solutions across geographic boundaries.
Through our partners and suppliers, we can assist your enterprise with adopting and maintaining the best available techniques, adapting to the most recent legislative changes and meeting local requirements on emissions.

Legal compliance for transboundary shipment of waste

With economic growth and globalization over the past few decades, and with the accession of several new countries into the European Union, the importance of transboundary shipment of waste within Europe has increased dramatically.

We work with enterprises to organize and supervise the transboundary transport of waste. Just a few of the important steps we consider for you include the following:

  • compilation of the documents for the notification of transboundary shipment of waste for the competent authorities in all related countries (EU/non-EU)
  • organization and supervision of the transport by train, truck or ship (or in some cases by plane)
  • Identification of any special requirements within ADR/RID, European legislation or any national environmental authorities
Picture 25
Waste transport from Bulgaria to Germany by rail
Picture 29
Environmentally friendly disposal for large volumes of hazardous waste at an underground disposal facility in Germany